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HELTIE horse® Nettle

HELTIE horse Nettle

“For a better blood circulation and boosts the immune system”

Liquid nettle tincture. For a better blood circulation and a good balance between beneficial and unfavorable bacteria in the intestines. Keeps blood vessels clean.

Nettles are rich in vitamins A, C, D and K. They contain many minerals and calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, silicon and iron. Nettles contain anti-histamine which helps horses with a sensitivity to Sweet itch or with a pollen allergy.

Nettles have a diuretic effect and help joints to remove uric acid. They are also blood-purifying so that waste products are removed better. In addition, they promote digestion and ensure a good balance between favorable and unfavorable bacteria.

Due to legislation we are not allowed to mention here where HELTIE horse® Vitamin E is all used, but we can explain this in a personal conversation. Our customer service is happy to advise you.

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Nettle (Urtica dioica), sodium chloride en magnesium chloride.

Usage horse over feed:
Low (for 14 days): 10 ml per day
High (for 14 days): 20 ml per day*
*Start the first 3 days with 10ml per day to build it up slowly

Usage horse in water bucket:
Have you ever made a water bucket with nettle? Your horse will drink the nettle as needed. We often see that the water bowl with nettle is empty first!
The ratio is 50ml per 20l of water. You can add this daily until you see that your horse stops drinking from the water bowl with nettle.

Below a table with the price per day. This table is calculated on a use of 10ml per day.

Package Price Dosage Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 35,95 10 ml 100 dagen € 0,35

1 Liter, enough for 100 days

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