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HELTIE horse® Silicon

HELTIE horse silicon

“Inner health & external beauty”
HELTIE horse® Silicon: The mineral Silicon for strong joints, hooves and a shiny coat. Improves quality of bones, cartilage, tendons and muscle attachments. Reduces the risk of injuries in training and sports.

Research shows that the horse’s body produces glucosamine itself when the mineral silicon is added to the diet.

The only ingredient of HELTIE horse® Silicon is the mineral silicon, in a hydrolysed liquid form. Silicon is an essential mineral, which is necessary for building bones, hooves, skin/coat, cartilage and tendons.

Joints are tissues with slow blood flow and a slow metabolism. Therefore, to know whether a silicon-based supplement works, you should first give it two to three months. One bottle of HELTIE horse® Silicon lasts for 100 days when your horse is 500kg.

Due to legislation, we are not allowed to mention here where HELTIE horse® Silicon is all used, but we can explain this in a personal conversation. Our customer service is happy to advise you.

Also suitable for dogs

Silicon is also ideal for dogs. Do you want to use it for your dog? For easy dosing, dosing syringes and dosing pipettes are available in the webshop. The dosage is listed below.

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Silicon is a mineral that is only well absorbed by the body in a liquid, hydrolyzed form. In powder form (such as in diatomaceous earth or chunk) it is excreted before it can do its work. The hydrolysed form of silicon is what makes this product unique. In hydrolysis, the small molecular form of silicon remains intact and active. The silicon molecules are surrounded by water molecules. The active, hydrolyzed, liquid silicon in HELTIE horse®Silicon is 100% biologically absorbed by the animal. Our product contains 15% active silicon, so you don’t have to give a lot of it.

Strong hooves & shiny coat
Silicon is important for several essential tissues in the horse’s body. It helps to promote coat growth, strengthen the skin and is important for maintaining healthy, strong hooves. Next to that it is the bulding material for bones, cartilage, tendons and muscle attachments.

Smooth joints & strong bones
Silicon is also very important for your horse’s joints and bones. Many people think that bones consist mainly of a stable construction of calcium and phosphorus. However, the composition of bones changes continuously, as old cells are removed and replaced with new ones. The mineral silicon plays an important role in the development of new bone. It is also the building material for cartilage, tendons and muscle attachments. Silicon is therefore very important for keeping bones strong and for maintaining flexible joints. Research has shown that horses that were given silicon were less sensitive to injuries.

Silicon stimulates the body’s own production of glucosamine
Studies show that silicon stimulates collagen production and bone formation. Silicon plays a connecting role in the production of GAGs such as glucosamine. It is a kind of catalyst for the production process. A catalyst is a substance that influences the speed of a certain chemical reaction without being consumed itself. Silicon in this case stimulates the production of glucosamine by the body itself. As a result, the amount of useful glucosamine for the body is many times greater than when glucosamine is added. Because added glucosamine is not properly absorbed by the horse’s body.

Hydrolysed silicon enriched with copper, zinc, manganese and molybdenum

Usage horse:
1 x daily 1 ml per 50 kg body weight. If a horse is about 500 kg, the dose is 10ml per day.
One liter bottle lasts about 100 days with a 500 kg horse. Silicon should be given for a minimum of 2-3 months.

Below is a table with the price per day. This table is calculated on a usage of 10ml per day.

Package Price Dose Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 36,95 10 ml 100 days € 0,37

Usage dog:
It is 1ml per 25 kilos. It is best to put it in a syringe or dropper. 25 drops is one ml, so 1 drop for 1 kg of body weight. Do you want to use it for your dog? There are dosing syringe and a dropper available in the webshop.

1 litre

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