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HELTIE horse® Vitamin E

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Vitamine E with grape extract for horses

“With grape extract, without selenium and no added sugars”

Vitamin E for horses and ponies. For recovery after physical exertion, for stiff muscles and as daily maintenance. HELTIE horse® Vitamin E is based on wheat germ oil, natural vitamin E and grape extract. To protect against free radicals in the muscles.

Natural and natural-equal vitamin E horses

Only natural and natural-equal vitamin E are properly absorbed by a horse. HELTIE Horse® Vitamin E therefore contains wheat germ oil. Wheat germ oil has the highest amount of vitamin E that occurs naturally, namely 1000 IU of vitamin E per liter. In addition, this supplement contains added vitamin E (RRR-α-tocopherol). A natural-equal vitamin E that can also be well absorbed by the horse.

Grape extract horses

We have chosen to add grape extract as an anti-oxidant. This is to protect healthy cells and tissues. Due to legislation, we are not allowed to elaborate on the effect of grape extract on this product page

Daily requirement of vitamin E for horses

Horses get the daily vitamin E from the grass and when the horses start getting rid of fresh grass in the autumn, they get less. The basic vitamin E requirement for an adult horse that is not in training is 500 to 1000 IU per day. With light work, the requirement rises to 800 to 1,600 IU per day and with heavy work to 2,000 IU per day.

Per 10ml of HELTIE horse® Vitamin E you give 1010 IU of vitamin E and on top of that is the strong effect of the grape extract.

More information about the use of HELTIE horse® Vitamin E

Due to legislation we are not allowed to mention here where HELTIE horse® Vitamin E is all used, but we can explain this in a personal conversation. Our customer service is happy to advise you.

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Wheat gern oil, grape extract, sodium chloride
– Without selenium and added sugars

Instructions horse:
– low (maintenance): 10 ml per day
– High: as required*
* Per 10ml HELTIE horse® Vitamin E you give 1010 IE vitamin E

Below is a table with the price per day. This table is calculated on a usage of 10ml per day.

Package Price Dose Enough for Price per day
1000 ml € 53,95 10 ml 100 dagen € 0,53

1 Liter

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Reviews (5)
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